In PHRANTEK, we have excelled in mechanical components manufacturing, machines, chassis and electrical cabinets assembling during our company history. Our committed customized attention to every client needs and our adaptation to nearshoring allow us to offer competitive solutions without sacrificing quality.

Services we offer

Laser cutting

It is one of the most widely used and established technologies in the metallurgical sector. It enables the cutting of a wide variety of metals and other materials with precision and a wide range of geometries.

Lase cutting is a fast and efficient way to produce sheet metal parts in short runs or high production volumes. Laser cutting provides precise and clean cuts that often do not require additional processing, with very high degrees of accuracy and repeatability.

We have high-reliability and precision machinery, as well as specialized personnel, to offer you the quality you need.

Tube laser cutting

The lase tube cutting process is an indispensable complement, as construction assemblies are often composed of tubes, sheets, and machined elements. Our company can provide precise laser tube cutting services for a wide range on industries. Whether it's large structures or small pieces intended to be mechanically fastened or welded, this technology is the solution.

Folding and bending

With our specialized tools, we provide precise and repeatable results. Our ,machinery measures all angles and adapts to variations in material consistency, ensuring that the bending process remains uninterrupted and production es not lost.

Our range of presses offers the highest capacity in the market, meaning we can easily and quickly handle the largest folding and vending tasks. We are capable of working in a full supply basis using materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and thick plates.

CNC Mechanizing

CNC machining is a widely used process in the metallurgical sector, both for the manufacturing of individual components and for components that can later be mechanically fastened or welded.

Thanks to programming, experience and our equipment, we can manufacture even complex pieces in a short period, allowing us to provide fabrication within the timeframe you require.


Our team of specialists in metal coatings works with tip paint suppliers, both liquid and powder, to produce coatings in the precise colors our clients require for their parts and products. In addition to colors, we can create a variety of lacquer or coating finishes, including gloss, matte and textured finishes.

Control / electrial
cabinets assembly

Our experienced team of electrical and automation specialists is at your disposal to develop your blueprints into high-quality cabinets that meet the most demanding market standards. Additionally, we support you in procuring material to ensure that your project has the best possible cost-effectiveness ratio.


We have the technical capability to provide complete solutions in materials handling machinery. From machinery components to the entire machinery according to your engineering and specifications. Among others, we can mention the following:









PHRANTEK, your ideal partner in machining and laser cutting for specialized part manufacturing in North America. Additionally, we offer solutions for the execution of your electrical and control projects. We are a young company with personnel boasting over 20 years of experience in mechanical manufacturing and the implementation of electrical panels and control projects.

Equipped with specialized tools, cutting-edge machinery, and the most skilled and prepared human capital, we aim to provide our clients with the best service.

Seize the nearshoring opportunities by manufacturing parts of your machinery with us, saving on transportation and customs expenses